December 14, 2010

3 Great Giveaways at Sweeps4Bloggers

When you're looking for giveaways be sure to check Sweeps4Bloggers! Valerie always has a long list of great reviews with prizes waiting to be won. Here are three of my current favorites!

 $100 Amazon Gift Card from! Who doesn't love Amazon? I'm saving every gift card that comes my way for a sewing machine and this one would put me over the top! Click HERE to enter, contest ends December 21st, 8:00pm, PT.

InventHelp Master Sharpener! This handy gadget will sharpen anything you have around the house that needs sharpening. It works on garden tools,  axes, scissors, shovels, and more. Click HERE to enter, contest ends December 19th, 8:00pm, PT.

Kritter Kondo Outdoor Pet Enclosure! We adopted two kittens over the summer. They are strictly indoor cats, but during the summer they loved to sit in the windows and feel the breeze blowing through the screens. I would never let them outside less they become dinner for a coyote, mountain lion, bear, or who knows what! But with a Kritter Kondo we could spend some time together out on the grass next summer! Click HERE to enter, contest ends December 20th, 8:00pm, PT.

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