November 13, 2010

Tired...and Sore

I gave up my gall bladder on Tuesday. The surgery was a piece of cake, slept right through it. In fact I kept sleeping and sleeping until my bladder said it was time to wake up! Nurse Dan didn't seem to realize that when I said I needed to go I meant "now". He was taking his sweet time getting me up till I made myself clear (which wasn't easy to do through the haze of anesthesia). When I was returned to my bed my eyes promptly closed again till Nurse Tom told me I could either pay to sleep at the hospital or go home and sleep. My trip down the hall had fulfilled the discharge requirement and they were ready to see me go. Dr. G said my gall bladder was packed full of  "gravel" which was why it had to come out, besides the fact that I was having other issues with it. Three doctors told me those tiny stones were much more dangerous than big ones because they can be squeezed out of the gall bladder and work their way down to plug the pancreas, a dangerous proposition. So, it is done. I'm tired. I'm sore. But I'm getting better every day!

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Erin @themombuzz said...

OMG! How awful! I hope you feel better soon. And it is way better to sleep at home than the hospital.