December 16, 2009

HP Touchsmart Computer Giveaway at TechSavvyMama!

TechSavvyMama is giving away a HP TouchSmart 600 touchscreen computer! You've heard all about this awesome PC a few times...the touchscreen, the internet apps, the sleek design. I'd love to win this to do my photo editing. I attended a webinar a few months ago to learn about digital workflow. One of the things the instructor mentioned was that it makes a difference what monitor you use to edit. Of course, the bigger the better. But what I hadn't thought about was the color around your screen. He mentioned that the color surrounding your photo makes a difference in how you see the colors in the photo. Well (slaps forehead), I should have realized that from the design classes I took oh so long ago! So, I'm realizing now that I really could do a lot more and get a better result if I took his advice. My 14" pink laptop just isn't quite up to par for editing :) This HP Touchsmart 600 would fill the bill and more! Want a chance to win? Click HERE to enter, contest ends December 17th, 11:59pm. That means....enter now, don't put it off!

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