October 29, 2009

Boon Giveaway at Energizer Bunny Mommy Reports!

The kid in me loves Boon. Their products are funky, bright, functional, and just plain fun. I entered every giveaway I could find to win a Frog or Bug Pod and I finally did! The Frog Pod and all the Boon bath toys are now happily at home in St. George with Legend and Lennox. I saw a Frog Pod at the fancy Goodwill store in Edmond for $5 and almost bought it. Now I'm kicking myself that I didn't cause I've since realized that it would be perfect for our big shower at home in Montana! I use the built-in shelf for all my things and John sets his on the floor in the corner. That frog would hold it nicely! So here I am back to entering! Energizer Bunnys Mommy Reports is giving away your choice of the Frog or Bug Pod! Click HERE to enter, contest ends November 14th, 10:00pm CT.

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Heaven Helped said...

How cute is this, love it!