October 31, 2009

Yummy! Win at Life With 5 Monkies and 1 Ape

Have you tried County Bob's sauces? I have and they are delicious. You have a chance right now to win 2 bottles of sauce at Life With 5 Monkies and 1 Ape. Click HERE to enter, contest ends November 6th.

October 29, 2009

Boon Giveaway at Energizer Bunny Mommy Reports!

The kid in me loves Boon. Their products are funky, bright, functional, and just plain fun. I entered every giveaway I could find to win a Frog or Bug Pod and I finally did! The Frog Pod and all the Boon bath toys are now happily at home in St. George with Legend and Lennox. I saw a Frog Pod at the fancy Goodwill store in Edmond for $5 and almost bought it. Now I'm kicking myself that I didn't cause I've since realized that it would be perfect for our big shower at home in Montana! I use the built-in shelf for all my things and John sets his on the floor in the corner. That frog would hold it nicely! So here I am back to entering! Energizer Bunnys Mommy Reports is giving away your choice of the Frog or Bug Pod! Click HERE to enter, contest ends November 14th, 10:00pm CT.

Inspire Your Walls With a Win at The Ohana Mama

There are a lots of shops creating vinyl wall decals. Inspire Your Walls is one of them and is sponsoring a giveaway at The Ohana Mama. You can win a $20 gift certificate to make your own choice! Click HERE to enter, contest ends November 10th, 11:59pm HT.

Flat Stanley Giveaway at Chief Family Officer

This giveaway at Chief Family Officer is for paperback versions of the original book, "Flat Stanley" and the companion book, "Stanley's Christmas Adventure". These would be great gifts for any child! Click HERE to enter, contest ends November 5th, 9:00pm PT.

Get Ready for Christmas With Mickey at Mommy Mandy's

Mickey's Magical Christmas is fun for everyone in the family. You can win your own copy at Mommy Mandy's. Click HERE to enter, contest ends November 9th.

October 28, 2009

Charitable Creations Jewelry: Win (& Give) at Tales From A Shopaholic Mommy

Charitable Creations makes artisan jewelry, including personalized handstamped pieces. The shop donates 10% of all sales to charity and you get to chose from a list where the donation from your purchase goes! (In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, from Oct 1st - 31st, they will donate 15% from selected shop items, to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation!)  Tales From A Shopaholic Mommy has a giveaway from Charitable Creations. You can win a $25 gift certificate to make a purchase from the shop. Click HERE to enter, contest ends November 7th.

Kaskey Kids Giveaway at Brimful Curiosities

These are cool! Remember the green army guys we all played with (yes, even girls)? Kaskey Kids has made that simple toy into "sports guys". They make sets of baseball, football, college football, soccer, and hockey. Each set includes a felt "field", the appropriate sports ball, etc. and comes in a great storage case. I know a little boy who will be very happy when he opens one of these on his birthday (shhhh, don't tell!). You can win a set of your choice at Brimful Curiosities . Click HERE to enter, contest ends November 16th, 11:59pm CT.

PS: From 11/1/09 until 1/1/10, use the code "Holiday" for 20% discount.)

October 27, 2009

Win Horrid Henry Book at A Book Blogger's Diary!

Horrid Henry is loved by millions of children. Sourcebooks is sponsoring a giveaway of one of these wonderful Francesa Simon books at A Book Blogger's Diary. A copy of "Horrid Henry and the Mummy's Curse" will go to one lucky reader. Click HERE to enter, contest ends November 23rd, midnight CT.

Pomegranate Skin Care Giveaway at Prissy Green

Weleda has offered a lucky reader at Prissy Green a complete set of their new Pomegranate Line of skin care. This set sounds luxurious and pampering! Click HERE to enter, contest ends November 10th, 11:59pm ET.

October 26, 2009

"Plane and Simple" Decor at Salad for Breakfast

I really like the vinyl wall decals that have become so popular. Take a look at these by Verdigris Dye! They'd be perfect upstairs in our home! You can win this set at Salad for Breakfast. Click HERE to enter, contest ends November 5th, 11:59pm ET.

Tony Lama Boots! Win at Living Life One Day At A Time

Who wants cowboy boots? Tony Lama is sponsoring a giveaway at Living Life One Day At A Time. One winner will chose a pair of boots from the Vacquero collection. Click HERE to enter, contest ends November 6th, midnight ET.

October 25, 2009

Soft Lips Lip Balm Giveaway at Life With 5 Monkies and 1 Ape

Soft Lips has some great new flavors and here's a chance to try them. Thanks to these really amazing sponsors the winner will chose either the 4 new winter flavors Sugar & Spice, Sugar Plum Berry, Winter Mint and Sugar Cookie or the new set of  papaya, peppermint, acai berry and chai tea. Click HERE to enter, contest ends October 29th at 11:59pm. Open to US only!

Uprinting Stickers at The Nurse Mommy

Uprinting does it all...custom printing of photos, stickers, postcards, business cards, and more. The Nurse Mommy is giving away 250 custom printed stickers. I'd love to have some for the back of my art work and crafts! The contest ends tonight, so enter now! Click HERE to enter, contest ends October 26th at 10pm. (This contest is open to entrants in the United States and Canada. However, Canadians must pay the cost of shipping.)

Cook With Trader Joe's at 3 Garnets and 2 Sapphires

Love Trader Joe's? Love to cook? Here's a cookbook from Cooking With Trader Joes you can take to the market with you and find everything you need right there! You can win your copy at 3 Garnets and 2 Sapphires. Click HERE to enter, contest ends October 29th, 11:59pm ET.

Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings at All Because Two People Fell In Love

All Because Two People Fell In Love has these beautiful sterling silver earrings from  Joolwe.com Online Jewelry Store to giveaway to one lucky reader! Click HERE to enter, contest ends November 1st at midnight.

Carolina Pad Giveaway at All Because Two People Fell In Love

Carolina Pad makes office products that stand out from the crowd and they're sold at affordable prices. Here's your chance to win an assortments of their products at All Because Two People Fell In Love . Click HERE to enter, contest ends November 2nd at midnight.

Stickers the Way You Want Them at Katydid and Kid

Uprinting is still generously giving products away! This time you can win 250 custom stickers at Katydid and Kid. Use them for books, lunches, whatever! Click HERE to enter, contest ends October 27th, 11:59pm ET.

Pearls of Joy Giveaway at Melinda Joy!

Pearls of Joy has offered a lucky reader of  Melinda Joy the chance to choose one of a group of items from their store and they're all gorgeous! (That's my choice to the left :) Click HERE to enter, contest ends November 15th, noon ET.

October 24, 2009

Halloween Carols at Sweeps4Bloggers

Halloween Carols! Here's some haunting music for Halloween and all year long by Kristen Lawrence. You can win two CDs... A Broom With A View and Vampire Empire at Sweeps4Bloggers . Click HERE to enter, contest ends October 28th, 8:00pm PT.

Calling All Paper Junkies! Win at Sweeps4Bloggers!

Mayfair Lane is giving away a gift basket full of paper products at Sweeps4Bloggers . Click HERE to enter, contest ends October 28th, 8:00pm PT.

Win Kaskeys Kids Sport Action Figure Set at Sweeps4Bloggers

If you have a little sports fan(s), they'll love the sports action sets from Kaskey Kids ! They make sets for football, soccer, basketball, and hockey. At Sweeps4Bloggers you can win the soccer set (what a great Christmas gift!). Click HERE to enter, contest ends November 1st, 8:00pm PT.

Tweet and Win


Click the link above to tweet and have a chance at winning a $25 gift card to Best Buy!

October 23, 2009

Pearl Bracelet (You Chose!) at 3 Garnets and 2 Sapphires

Another pearl giveaway is being sponsored by Pearl Paradise at 3 Garnets and 2 Sapphires . The lucky winner will chose a 7.0-8.0 mm Freshwater Pearl Bracelet in their choice of white, black, multicolor, lavender, or pink pearl color. The winner may request a specific bracelet length and either a white or yellow 14-karat gold clasp. Click HERE to enter, contest ends November 12th, 11:59pm ET.

Get Your Child Ready for Ski Season at Toddler Momma

Baby Banz! First, let me just say that I love Baby Banz! I won Baby Banz sunglasses last summer and ordered a hat to match for Lennox. They are adorable. Now they are sponsoring a ski goggles giveaway at Toddler Momma . Click HERE to enter, contest ends November 3rd, midnight ET.

Orglamix Eyeshadow Collection, Win at Toddler Momma

Have you tried mineral cosmetics? I have and I love them. I'm switching over to mineral foundation, blush, concealer, and eye shadow. Orglamix has some of the most gorgeous eye shadow colors you'll find anywhere. Toddler Momma has a great review and Cheri, the owner of Orglamix, has generously agreed to give a lucky Toddler Momma reader their very own Orglamix Sherbet Rainbow Collection! (shown in the photo) Click HERE to enter, contest ends November 1st, 9:00pm ET.

October 22, 2009

Letter from Santa! Enter at 5 Vinez Monkeys

Ho! Ho! Ho! It's almost time for Santa to arrive! Angie at 5 Vinez Monkeys is having a great giveaway sponsored by Kreative Kids Fun Mail. You can win a Santa Kit for your little one that includes a personalized letter from Santa! Stop by before 11:59pm ET on October 23rd and enter to win!

These Umbrellas are Cheeky! Win at My Wee View

Have fun even in the rain! Cheeky Umbrellas will brighten up your day. You can win your own at My Wee View . Click HERE to enter, contest ends October 23rd, 11:59 PT so enter now!

Let's Wii! Win with Mommy Mandy

Win Family Party: 30 Great Games Outdoor Fun for Wii! This game has lots of fun activities for up to four players:

■Track and Field Wii Style! Hurdles and sprints, obstacle courses, high jumping
■Playground Games! Baseball-catching, Soccer footwork skills, jumprope
■Coordination! Balancing, log rolling, plate-spinning, handbells
■Carnival! Bird and animal targets, bow and arrow, laser guns
■Brain games: Mazes, Simons Says, memory games
■Strength: Barrel tossing, rope-climbing, log-sawing
Click HERE to enter, contest ends October 30th.

Cubic Zirconia Earrings! Win at Mommy Mandy!

One lucky winner will receive a pair of Sterling Silver and Round-Cut Cubic Zirconia Embellished Huggie Earrings at Mommy Mandy from Joolwe. Click HERE to enter, contest ends October 30th.

Ice Age 3 and The Scrat Pack at Mommy Niri!

We loved the Ice Age movies and so did the grandsons. Now there's a chance to win this combination pack at Mommy Niri ! Click HERE to enter, contest ends October 24th.

October 20, 2009

I-Blog Conference in November!

My bloggy friend, Jody, is hosting the first I_Blog Conference next month. She is the owner of Have Kid Will Travel and The Iowa Geek . The conference will be held November 14th-15th at The Hotel Pattee in Perry, Iowa. There is an awesome speaker line-up guaranteed to help you step up your blog! The hotel is historic and has fun, themed rooms.

Creative Memories signed on as an I_Blog sponsor and will be hosting a pizza & digi scrapping party. They will be giving every attendee to the conference their new StoryBook Creator plus 3.0 software! (It’s worth $65.) Which makes the conference an even better deal!

The details and registration information can be found at I_Blog Conference !

A Man's Giveaway at Home Construction Improvement

I've been subscribed to Home Construction Improvement for several months. As a women I find most of the daily topics interesting and always informative! Right now they are holding an awesome giveaway. One lucky reader will win a Delta Stacked Dado Set perfect for any woodworker. You can subscribe by clicking the link above. Click HERE to enter the giveaway, contest ends November 19th, 11:59pm ET.

Win Helmar Adhesives at Tracy Weinzapfel Studios

Need some sticky stuff for crafting? My friend, Tracy at Tracy Weinzapfel Studios, is a VP at Helmar Adhesives and she's got a great adhesive package to give away! Helmar makes several adhesives that are perfect for different tasks. If you scrapbook or do other crafts, you'll find the perfect glue from Helmar. Click HERE to enter, winner will be drawn on October 26th.

PS: Be sure to check out Tracy's professional photos site... HERE !

October 19, 2009

Ipod Shuffle and Itunes Giveaway at Barefoot Mommies

The new Kia Forte Koup comes equipped with all the latest technology, including MP3 and USB ports. Kia is sponsoring a giveaway at Barefoot Mommies to get you ready for your ride. You can win an Ipod Shuffle and an Itunes gift card. Click HERE to enter, contest ends November 3rd, 11:59pm ET.

Win Safe Sizer Plates for Feeding Little Ones at A Giveaway Addicted Mommy

Children can easily choke on foods! We may think we're cutting those hot dogs or fruit pieces small enough, but are we? Safe Sizer plates have a built in half inch disk for measuring those pieces. Keep your little one safe at meal time! Kari at A Giveaway Addicted Mommy is giving a set away. Click HERE to enter, contest ends November 1st, 11:59pm PT.

Please Vote For Melissa!

I read The Consumer Queen on a regular basis. She finds all kinds of ways to save you money, has some great giveaways, and works really hard to make her blog interesting and informative. She's been selected as a finalist for the Panasonic LiHD Insider program! Please help her out by placing a vote for her. There's no need to register or buy anything. Just click HERE to get to her blog and then click on the button to vote. Her name is Melissa Garcia and she is The Consumer Queen. Thanks for your time and your help!

Label It by Winning at Reading With Monie

Uprinting has been an amazing blog sponsor. They've given away countless custom photo and printing products. I've won six times myself! This time they are offering 250 custom printed stickers that can be used to label almost anything. Hop over to Reading With Monie and take a look! Click HERE to enter, contest ends October 29th.

October 18, 2009

"Supreme Courtship" at Sweeps4Bloggers

Here's a great giveaway for readers. Sweeps4Bloggers has 5 copies of  "Supreme Courtship" by Christopher Buckley to give away thanks to Hachette Publishers. Click HERE to enter, contest ends October 22nd, 8:00pm PT.

Get Baking! Win at Sweeps4Bloggers!

Valerie at Sweeps4Bloggers is offering one lucky winner a box of King Arthur unbleached cake flour, a new product. Click HERE to enter, contest ends October 19th at 8pm PT, so enter now!

More Pearls at Frugal RI Mama!

A black freshwater pearl bracelet will go to a lucky winner at Frugal RI Mama. These are beautiful and are from Pearl Distributors. Click HERE to enter, contest ends October 26th, 11:59pm ET.

Ha! Take THAT, Blogger!!

For some unknown reason Blogger decided to put my blog editor back on the old one. That's why I had the weird links yesterday, but I'm back on the new editor and have fixed those posts. They can't keep me down for long!

Shrinky Dink Kit at Annie's Home

Angela at Annie's Home has a fun giveaway from Creativity for Kids. This time you can win your choice of a shrinky dink kit! I'd pick the Holiday Fun kit which includes a nine inch tinsel tree. Click HERE to enter, contest ends November 14th.

What's Up With Those Links?

Got me! All of a sudden my link icon changed and now all I can do is paste the link, go figure! I'll keep working on it. Just click on the full links to get to the giveaways!

October 17, 2009

Flirty Aprons Make Cooking Fun at Go Graham Go

Flirty Aprons has aprons for women, men, and kids! Make cooking fun by winning your own at Go Graham Go. Click HERE to enter, contest ends October 28th, 11:59pm ET.

Mommy23Monkeys Wants to Know... How Much Can You Save at a Sam’s Club Store?

Find out at her blog and enter to win a $100 Sam's Club gift card! Click HERE to enter, contest ends October 30th, 10:00pm, PT.

International Play Things Fire Truck at Seeryus Mama

 Seeryus Mama has a very cool fire truck to give away in honor of Fire Prevention Week! Check out the video on her blog and enter to win! Click HERE to enter, contest ends October 31 CT.

Sleep Comfy Wearing Karen Neuburger! Win at The Buzz!

Karen Neuberger and Dillard's department store have teamed up with The Buzz offer you a chance to win pajamas. If you've never touched KN pajamas, you're in for a treat! Click HERE to enter, contest ends October 20th.

Check back!

Sorry, no new postings for today. I spent the day doing laundry, wrapping birthday gifts and getting them ready to mail, etc. Tonight we went to Fort Reno for an evening of "ghostbusting". Check back later and I'll have some new contests up!

October 15, 2009

Fuji Instax Instant Camera Giveaway at Angelica Grace Designs

Remember all the fun you had with that Polaroid camera? Those days are back! Fuji has released this cute little camera that instantly prints out photos the size of a credit card. Angelica Grace Designs wants to give one away along with a roll of film! Click HERE to enter, no ending date listed so enter now!

Free 8x10 Wrapped Photo Canvas at Canvas People

Canvas People is currently offering a free 8x10 wrapped photo canvas or you can choose another size and get $55 off! You have to pay the shipping which for the 8x10 was $14.95. You can use your photo as is or you can apply different photo effects at the site. This would make a wonderful photo gift for someone! I don't know how long this offer lasts. Click HERE to take a look!

October 14, 2009

Run For Your Life! at A Book Blogger's Diary

Who's read James Patterson? Not me! I like thrillers and don't know why I've never read any of his books. Here's a chance to win what sounds like a great read. A Book Blogger's Diary has one copy of "Run For Your Life" from Hatchette Books for a lucky reader! Click HERE to enter, contest ends November 10th, midnight CT.

Pearls of Joy Giveaway at Coupon Princess!

Pearls must be a hot fashion item this year cause here's another chance to win. Pearls of Joy has offered a lucky reader of Coupon Princess Goes Blogging the chance to choose one of 21 items from their store (and they're all gorgeous!). Click HERE to enter, contest ends October 29th.

October 13, 2009

Win Pilates for the Wii at 5 Minutes for Giveaways

Need a little exercise? Me, too! I've never tried Pilates, but I've been told it's great exercise. 5 Minutes For Giveaways is giving away a copy of Daisy Fuentes Pilates for the Wii. Click HERE to enter, contest ends October 30th.

Oreck XL Review and Giveaway at The Mud Bug

Need a great vacuum? Here's your chance! Read Toni's review at The Mud Bug, then enter to win an Oreck XL. Click HERE to enter, contest ends November 9th, 11:59am ET.

The Plasmacar is Back! Giveaway at My Charmed Life...

Remember the fun Plasmacar we all want to win? Here's another chance, this time at My Charmed Life . Click HERE to enter, contest ends October 26th, 11:59pm PT.

DriveScrubber Giveaway at Simply Being Mommy

Do you know that when you delete something on your computer much of your private information remains on the hard drive? A lot of people don't! Before you give that old computer away you'll want to make sure the hard drive is clean! Simply Being Mommy is giving away DriveScrubber by iolo technologies that will do that and more! Read her review and you'll want to win! Click HERE to enter, contest ends October 26th, 10:00pm CT.

October 12, 2009

Pearl Paradise 18" Black Pearl Necklace Giveaway at Sweeps4Bloggers

Read Valerie's review of these beautiful black pearls at Sweeps4Bloggers and you'll want your own. You can win them! She has the same strand to give away! Click HERE to enter, contest ends October 16th, 8:00pm PT.

Kiki*c Little LuLu Women's Shoes Giveaway at Sweeps4Bloggers

Aren't these the cutest shoes? And they have memory foam for comfort! Valerie at Sweeps4Bloggers has a pair to give away! Click HERE to enter, contest ends October 13th, 8:00pm PT so enter now!

Calling All Readers to A Book Blogger's Diary (Win Cleopatra's Daughter)

Michelle Moran has written "Cleopatra's Daughter" , a work of historical fiction. You can read about Michelle and the book at A Book Blogger's Diary where she wrote a wonderful post as a guest blogger. While you're there be sure to enter to win a copy of the book! Click HERE to enter, contest ends October 19th.

Labyrinth Balance Board Giveaway at The Army Wife

The Army Wife has a great balance game to give away (for kids ages 5 and up). It looks like a lot of fun and a good way to sneak in a little exercise! Click HERE to enter, contest ends October 25th.

October 11, 2009

Ipod Touch! New Apps and a Giveaway at Living Locurto!

I am constantly amazed at the applications I read about for the iPhone and iTouch. I don't have one, but they look like lots of fun! At Living Locurto you can read about some of the newest apps and enter for a chance to have your own iTouch! Click HERE to enter, contest ends October 17th, 7:00pm CT.

October 10, 2009

Museum Way Pearls Review and Giveaway

Museum Way Pearls Review and Giveaway is happening at Prissy Green. She was given a beautiful strand of lavender pearls by Museum Pearls to review and another one to give to one of her lucky readers. Click HERE to enter, contest ends October 19th, 11:59pm ET.

October 9, 2009

No Time To Enter Today!

We spent the day traveling to Midland, Texas. Along the way we visited the Women Air Force Service Pilots (WASP) Museum in Sweetwater. In the morning we'll be headed over to the Commemorative Air Force Air Show and will likely be there all day. I've got a file full of contests I'd like to enter, so hope to get some time tomorrow evening and will share some with you then!

October 8, 2009

Make Time for Yourself With Make Ahead Meals!

Angela at Annie's Home is a busy mom! She's done a great review of "Make Ahead Meals" by Jane Doiron. Wouldn't it be great to pull a meal from the freezer and have it ready quickly at meal time? Angela has a copy of the book to give away! Click HERE to enter, contest ends November 7th.

Keep It Off The Floor! Win A Snack & Play Travel Tray!

My Charmed Life is giving a travel tray away. It'll keep toys, crayons, and snacks off the car floor and make your life easier! Click HERE to enter, contest ends October 15th, 11:59pm PT.

October 7, 2009

Halloween at Pottery Barn! Win a $50 Gift Card!

Love Pottery Barn? Me, too! Tara at Tara in the ATL is a fan, too and she's giving away a $50 gift card for you to spend.  Click HERE to enter, contest ends October 20th.

Win Kids Shoes from the Eleven Collection

Eleven Collection has a wonderful assortment of kids shoes for both boys and girls. You can win a pair from the fall/winter collection at The Mom Reviews ! (Pictured is "Finn" shoes for boys, the ones I'd chose.) I'm hoping they'll start making shoes for adults cause I love their styles! Click HERE to enter, contest ends October 12th.